What Is DWArts?

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DWArts, aka Daily Watch Arts is a platform where art related posts and works are publicised to the dwellers of the Cyber World.


Art according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is defined as “The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.”

Examples of art works are: Literature, painting, music, drawing, photography, fashion, life generally, and other skilful articles.


* To educate, entertain and inform.

* To achieve No.1 by dishing out meaningful posts.

* To promote artists, writers and essayist.

* To achieve No.3 by giving a privilege to people in order to get published on the blog;

* To enlighten the public.


* To get this blog to the international level.

* To be honoured as the Best Art Blog on earth.

* To help change lives with shallowed future;

* To remain a blessing to the cyber dwellers.

All these can ONLY be achieved IF you will:

* Trust us with your articles or piece;

* Help tell your friends and family about us;

* Visit us regularly.

IF you would like to see your work published on this blog, send it to dwartsonline@gmail.com.

In conclusion, we hope to never disappoint you/ shatter your futuristic hopes in getting known to the world and also, ALL posts, articles, graphics, drawing, poem,essays, etc, SHALL be published with the owner’s name boldly written on it.

Yours sincerely,

Management Team



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