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Goke responded the knock after the third time. He began reminiscing to know if any of his girlfriends had mentioned visiting him.
“I have no appointment with anyone today.” He said. He rose up from the white plastic chair in his one room apartment and raced to open the door.

He opened the door to the figure of a ravishing young lady, she should be in her mid twenties. Simply dressed in a black skirt, blue shirt, a black scarf to match up, and a Bible. His eyes strayed at the different parts of her body, noticed how enticing each parts were and became utterly baffled.
“Good afternoon, sir. My name is Eunice, I bring you goodnews from the Most High.” Her angelic voice turned him on.
“You are welcome, I’m Goke. You can come inside.”
“I’m sorry, I won’t be able to come in.”
He had never received a refusal from a lady ever in his lifetime, so, he strategised.
“You said you brought goodnews from the Most High, we shouldn’t stay outside, in the sight of this unfavorable Scorching sun, to deliver and accept the news.”
She thought for a while, then accepted his deceitful request.
She sat on the white plastic chair while he retired on the mattress, few inches away from her. She began preaching to the young man but the dirty thoughts in his mind overshadowed her words. He touched her left tigh but got a disapproval from her. He caressed both tighs once more and she gushed out, furiously.
“Your touch reminds me of my ex boyfriend.”
“Oh! Tell me more.”
“In summary, he left me and I met Christ.”
His hands still caressed her tighs and she became uncomfortable. She rose up
“Bro Goke, I have to leave.”
“Why dear? You haven’t finished with the goodnews.”
“I will come back some other time. I still have some other places to attend.”
He stood up hurriedly and pressed on to her, grabbed her waist.
“I’m sorry dear, you can’t leave like that. No lady has ever come into this room and leave untouched.”
He grabbed the Bible from her hand, threw it on the floor. At first, she was stupefied as he pulled her closer, but began shouting immediately he pushed her to the mattress.
“You know what, if you shout from morning to night, it’s all naught because no one will come to your rescue. My neighbours understand that no deer enters the lion’s den and comes out whole.”
He pulled off his trouser and advanced closer to her……


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