Soldiers Of Words

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Let all battalions respond to the call of the sage
With their pin-pointed weapons
Armors of truth; protect this blank page
Before lie’s ammunitions come on.


O Ye soldiers, show forth your prowess
Sacrifice your inks for the reputation of a lifetime
Your brains; release it to the land of the best
Your sweat; give it to nature to dine.
Combat lies with grenades of truth
Shield your bodies with the buckler of courage
Feed yourselves with vocabularies synonymous to fruits
And let it look unfamiliar, irrespective of the age.
When pen, lie and truth battle
The blank page startles
Knowing that once it’s smoothness roughens
It can never be useful, except for the muse.
Who will win this battle when truth loses its soldiers?
When lie and pen meagres
Will truth not be casted into the pit of hell?
While lie dominates and can’t be propelled.
Soldiers of words.


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