Lost In The Dust

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(Tribute to those friends who died/left us before
Transitioning into the dusty land of old
After we deliberated and planned for a merry
Is like a dagger thrown into a delicate part of the
Hitting the chord of longtime blithe
As the celebration bored in dearth of;
Your jokes,
Your words,
Your smile,
Your friendship.

My mouth bleeds for the soul that’s lost,
My heart speaks for the vacuum that’s void,
The weather has peeled the lips I lip your name
Causing me to lip sourly.
Will this wounded lips ever recover
As they leap over the fence of sentiment.
Shall my heart escape this torment of emotions?
We have scaled through years of disagreement and
But all I’m left with now is;
Lonely gazes,
Teary eyes,
Broken ties,
Borderless thoughts; and
Your untraceable footprints.
Can you please explain-
Explain why your soul ran into the displeasing
warmth of the sky;
Bequeathing your loved ones with a fortune of
Causing a hue in the darkest night.
You are lost in the dotted dust of ecstasy
And I hope we meet again,
With smiles and chitchat
As we walk towards the path of Paradise.


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