Art And Its Compendious Interpretations (Part 1)

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I was surfing the Web this afternoon and I came across an article about some contemporary art works and I think that sharing it with you, readers of this juvenile blog is the best way to express my opinion(s)..

Contemporary art in Africa could be traced back to the 20th century, when it was much cherished but, it has lost its place in the field of life in the 21st century, as many of us either go into rap, music or get involved in other things.
Below are some African art works done in the 20th century, with their interpretations and evergreen stance in the path of




1. Name Of Artist: Obiora Udechuku
  Title: Our Journey
  Year: 1993
*Made with Acrylic on canvas.
*Influenced by traditional Igbo wall painting.
  Interpretation: Gazing at the image above dearly, you’ll realize that the road started from somewhere, a small spot. The small spot represents the beginning of an idea. At the earlier stage of a great idea, it is always small but as you journey and develop it, it grows into something big. The yellow line increases as a result of the bigger experience the person journeying gains.
  The Blue line that demarcated the yellow line at the middle of the diagram represents challenges. Before you can get to the greater part and path of your life, you’ll surely face challenges and the greatest help you can do for yourself is to overcome those challenges, else you die halfw



2. Name Of Artist: Jimoh Buraimoh
  Title: Three Wise Men
  Year: 1991
*Made from beads and oils on board
*Draws from Yoruba bead making traditions
Interpretation: Biblically, this can be interpreted as the three wise men that followed the stars at the birth of Jesus Christ. They took some gifts along with



3. Name Of Artist: Olu Oguibe
  Title: Martyr
  Year: 1993
*Flat, decorative piece drawn from Igbo sculptural and textile arts.
*Symbols inspired by the Igbo body arts.
*Acrylic on canvas.
Interpretation: According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a Martyr is “a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle.”
  The above picture therefore unveils a man, raising his hands to the sky all alone at the place. This means that the man possesses a different sense of view and reasoning, making him to stand out. Biblically, when you raise your hands to the sky, this explains that you are automatically surrendering your life God, telling Him to take charge of the horrible situation you find yourself.
  The flying white bird signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit as it is believed by the African culture that black birds signifies witchcraft, while white birds signifies the Holy Spirit.


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