The Chameleon Pact

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Chimney fluids of birthed cloud
Revamped through the concurrence of rain and drought.
Resuscitated state of hope has dawned
While turbid’s voyage was cancelled before it formed.

If yesterday hadn’t succumbed to today’s plea,
today would have remained yesterday’s tomorrow.
Chimney fluids of countless debate
Springing from the bowel of helpless rebait
Till it surrenders at the feet of fate
Which cares not for person, atmosphere or date.
If the moon hadn’t slept under the warmth of the sun,
The day will be dark still.
A changed man must have the body’s consent
The moon can’t have her way until the sun sets.
Hair dare not sprout on a bald head
Why? Because their agreement has been deserted.
If the ocean hadn’t accepted to be lonely,
She would have left her domain to meet with the hills.
Impassioned gel on roughen skin
Rubbed incessantly while hands spin.
Desired thoughts of achievement goals
Doggedly accepted as fulfillment doles.
If the birds hadn’t agreed to fly in the sky
The road won’t be convenient for humans to pass.


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