Rodents’ Invasion

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I deciphered the creaks
Bawled by the kitchen cutlery,
The war between knife, fork and spoon
Poised by some unknown visitors
Exorcising unusual jolly.

The table-mat suffered a sabotage
Just like the grass, during the conflagration of two elephants
On its head, the consequence was bestowed.
I deciphered the locomotion
Of the scent of the fried fish
Which had dwell in a plate for hours,
Now arresting the room’s former cologne
With its strong odoriferous legislation.
The nose needed not a plaintiff
To unriddle this stance
But chose to savour the aroma.
I deciphered the rodents’ plight,
Of being famished for days.
My pot had also suffered a
Denial of its right to be filled with food for days,
But unexpectedly got filled up today.
Rodents, why did you choose to invade my pot-
And massacre the fish I fried;
To compliment my mission of garri soaking?


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