The Accused Accuser

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Karma has returned
From the voyage of turbidity;
It has deserted the bouquet of pretence
With the aid of the exhibition of truth;
May your conscience race, vociferating in your silence!

For the prowess of the drummers
Charm the feet with its enchanting beat,
Whilst in pain – the waist screams-
Upon fleet-footed beats intertwining,
Babeling ache-cures for the body.
Gone are the days of suffering and smiling;
Potbellies flattering penury to naught-
Now scavenge in their lies of unformed truth
With their deplorable katzenjammer
Dawned from the swoon of insincerity.

So impudence of fleece of public servants
Could be forced to brew in contention;
Over the Chiefs of pitched villainous deals
When night rises in its prime
Under the indiscreet shadows of the noon.
But now, the rainbow has glowed after the rain;
Articulating the covenant made clandestinely,
Battling its path towards the mountain top
And even the blind can now behold
The sight of the cringing sycophant.

For a new sun has been borne for
The frosty, arctic and numbing atmosphere-
Saturated dusk, deceitful downpour
From the abode of the corroborating cloud
So, alack to every plenitude notions!
I see illumination sprout with a tincture of doubt;
Incandescence reflects with a Scorching fury;
Unequivocal scowl proclaiming justice-
Where could be the human rights advocates?
Prudence shall mount again – But not now!

Inform the Accuser that Karma is back
Before this Scorching sun burns his skin.


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