Call For Submission For Issue #1

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“Success lies not in exploring big nor ready-made things, but in digging into the treasures of small beginings and watching it grow into the unexpected.”
-Wale Ayinla.

Dwartsonline, an online literary and art journal is calling for submissions from poets, essayist, artists and photographers from different parts of the world, for its first issue.
The issue #1 which is stated to be published in pdf on May 1, 2016, needs features from artists and writers who are ready to explore around their creativities, irrespective of race, religion, gender and theme.
Below are the categories of artistic works we expect from our contributors:
Flash fiction – A minimum of 300 words.
Poetry – At least a poem per entry.
Short Story – A minimum of 1000 words.
Painting/ Sketches – All works are accepted, as long as it is artistic. All works must be in Jpeg format.
Non-fiction – A minimum of 1000 words.
Photography – A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 per entry.

ALL entries MUST come with a 50-100 words biography of the authors and a potrait, and are to be sent to on or before 28th April, 2016.
NB: Authors’ work(s) is/are not restricted to this issue, since we have not started paying our authors due to the growing state of the website. Therefore, authors can send their works to any other journal before or after sending it to us.
Authors should also know that work(s) that has a lot of typographical errors won’t be considered for publication. All works must be thoroughly checked before submission.
We look forward to seeing your work(s). Cheers!

Wale Ayinla
Editor-In-Chief/ CEO, Dwartsonline
Facebook: Wale Ayinla
Twitter: @Wale_Ayinla


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