Lost In The Dust

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(Tribute to those friends who died/left us before
Transitioning into the dusty land of old
After we deliberated and planned for a merry
Is like a dagger thrown into a delicate part of the
Hitting the chord of longtime blithe
As the celebration bored in dearth of;
Your jokes,
Your words,
Your smile,
Your friendship.
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Once Upon A Christmas Forenoon

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Once Upon A Christmas Forenoon

Once upon a Christmas forenoon
Clustered steaks with savory scent
Maladic thirst and stupor swoon
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Merry Christmas

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Amidst foggy and highly elated ambience
The tinkering memory of a birth lingers
Echoing its galore of hope for the hopeless
Great future for the shallowed thinkers
Salvation for the lost
And victory for every battle.

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